Customizing Hunts for the Most Discerning Sportsmen
Customizing Hunts for the Most Discerning Sportsmen

Alabama Whitetail Hunts

Hunting the Black Belt

Whitetail hunting is a tradition engrained so deeply in southern culture that it would be an injustice if BespokeHunts did not offer its clientele the opportunity to experience such a rich hunting heritage. BespokeHunts is proud to offer our hunters access to one of the most premier and elite private hunting ranches in the entire state of Alabama. Our affiliated ranch is located in Wilcox County, in the heart of Alabama’s Black Belt.

The Black Belt region of Alabama consists of 23 counties spanning the states midsection. The term “Black Belt” is derived from the regions dirt; a rich, dark, loamy, fertile soil that produces nutrient-rich vegetation. This vegetation serves as high quality browse and cover for deer, allowing for high deer densities and trophy caliber bucks. Sportsmen have long recognized this area as a hotspot for consistently producing large bodied trophy caliber deer.

Black Belt Bucks

The landowner of our affiliated ranch was not satisfied with the idea of trophy caliber bucks on his ranch scoring 150 inches, he therefore dedicated years of intensive wildlife and habitat management to improve the quality of his bucks. His efforts have truly paid off, as the ranch now routinely produces dozens of bucks annually that range between 160 and 190 inches and multiple bucks each year that exceed 200 inches.

Alabama whitetail hunting
Packages Structured with the Hunter in Mind

To ensure the ultimate hunting experience, all of our whitetail hunting packages are structured on 50 inch scoring thresholds, thereby providing hunters with more harvest opportunities and less hesitation when scoring before harvesting. Our whitetail packages are also priced in a manner that is advantageous to our customers, with integrated discounts coupled with the high possibility of harvesting a trophy whitetail below market rate price points. As always, all whitetail hunting packages are all-inclusive with no hidden fees. If you tag out early and would like to extend your hunt for another whitetail or wild boar, we offer low fence package options as well.

Whether you’re an Alabama resident looking to hunt locally, a trophy hunter from a nearby state that doesn’t produce 200+ inch bucks, or a seasoned hunter who has never experienced the rich hunting heritage of the south, our affiliated ranch in Alabama will surly exceed your expectations.


Bronze Hunt

Up to 149 7/8”
Please call for rates

Silver Hunt

150”-199 7/8”
Please call for rates

Gold Hunt

200”-249 7/8”
Please call for rates

Platinum Hunt

250”-299 7/8”
Please call for rates

Hall of Game

Please call for rates
About the Hunt
  • All whitetail hunts are four days & three nights; All inclusive.
    Example: Hunter checks in at 1pm on Monday and hunts Monday afternoon, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning with a noon checkout.
  • All whitetail hunts are fully guided. Guides will assist with aging, scoring, tracking, etc.
  • All game will be field dressed, caped, and quartered at no additional charge.
  • Although our harvest success is very high, there is no guarantee that the hunter will harvest any game on the hunt.
  • Taxidermy services provided at additional cost (please ask for details).
  • Transportation to and/or from the local airport can be provided at additional cost (please ask for details).

After the Harvest

Given the incredible whitetail population on our Alabama ranch, our hunters often harvest their bucks early in the hunt. If you wish to add some additional excitement to your trip, consider adding a low fence whitetail and/or wild boar hunt to your package.

For our Platinum and Hall of Game hunters, low fence hunting opportunities are available free of charge; after you harvest your buck.