Customizing Hunts for the Most Discerning Sportsmen
Customizing Hunts for the Most Discerning Sportsmen

Texas Whitetail Hunts

Texas Typicals

Although whitetails range throughout the continental U.S., there is little debate that Texas, specifically south Texas, offers the best trophy whitetail hunting. If your idea of excitement consists of chasing big mature whitetails, chances are that giant Texas Typicals are at the top of your bucket list.

Get Lost In Texas

Whether you’re interested in hunting the beautiful Texas hill country, the unique senderos of the south Texas brush country, or the world famous Golden Triangle, BespokeHunts can and will customize a hunt for you that will exceed your expectations.

Customize Your Hunt

BespokeHunts is proud to provide our customers with access to several of our affiliated private ranches throughout Texas, each of which offers unique yet diverse competitive advantages. These varying competitive advantages afford BespokeHunts with the ability to tailor hunts to your exact desires.

All-Inclusive Hunts

To preserve our customers hunting experience, all of our whitetail hunting packages are structured on 50 inch scoring thresholds, thereby providing hunters with more harvest opportunities. Our whitetail packages are also priced in a manner that is advantageous to our customers, with integrated discounts coupled with the high possibility of harvesting a trophy whitetail below market rate price points. As always, all whitetail hunting packages are all-inclusive with no hidden fees.

Texas Whitetail Hunting
If you want to hunt the most distinct and exhilarating rut in the country, we can do that.
If you’re looking for the best place to rattle up a giant buck and a ton of excitement, we can do that too.
Give BespokeHunts a call to discuss your dream hunt and see how we can customize a package for you!

Texas Whitetail Hunting Packages

Bronze Hunt

Up to 149 7/8”
Please call for rates

Silver Hunt

150”-199 7/8”
Please call for rates

Gold Hunt

200”-249 7/8”
Please call for rates

Platinum Hunt

250”-299 7/8”
Please call for rates
About the Hunt
  • All whitetail hunts are four days & three nights; All inclusive.
    Example: Hunter checks-in at noon on Thursday and hunts Thursday afternoon, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning with a noon check-out.
  • All whitetail hunts are fully guided. Guides will assist in aging, scoring, tracking, etc.
  • All game will be field dressed, caped, and quartered at no additional charge.
  • Although our harvest success is very high, there is no guarantee that the hunter will harvest any game on the hunt.
  • Taxidermy services provided at additional cost (please ask for details).
  • Transportation to and/or from the local airport can be arranged (please ask for details).
After the Harvest

Given the incredible whitetail populations on our affiliated ranches, our hunters often harvest their bucks early in the hunt. If you wish to add some additional excitement to your trip, consider adding any of our exotic species to your package.

For our management minded hunters, many of our ranches offer the opportunity to harvest one whitetail doe, unlimited hogs, & predators free of charge; after you harvest your buck.